July 20th Bulletin                         July 20th Insert
                                                             Youth Ministry
                                                              Festival Photos
                                                              Festival Photos
                                                              Festival Photos
                                                              Festival Photos
                                                              5K Results

      July 13th Bulletin                        July 13th Insert
                                                            Youth Ministry

      July 6th Bulletin                          July 6th Insert                                                   
                                                         New  Principal, Deacon Michael Capitena Resume

      June 29th Bulletin                       June 29th Insert


      Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this Festival the best ever!  
      Check back soon for more raffle results and pictures from the weekend.

      This Year’s Winners:
      $1,000   1st Prize     Danny Kamerer                                   
          400    2nd Prize    Nathan Heppe
          300    3rd Prize    Paul Adelman
          200    4th Prize     Fred Saal
          100    5th Prize     Alma Wartko
      The winner of Tom Mayer’s Rhododendron water color painting was Rita Buehrle
      Congratulations to everyone who was lucky enough to be drawn the winner.


      Attention all Families with Military Members 
      We are honoring members of our parish who have served in the military: 
      1) Currently active or discharged military personnel; 
      2) Living or deceased military personnel; 
      3) Publish either a picture with name and rank OR a line of type . 

      Due to space issues you will need to choose one or the other. Please give a name and rank with the picture. All pictures and information need to be to the rectory or to Becky  by July 15th. Any question? Call  Becky Wohlwend at 330-628-2083 or email at beckyw1116@aol.com 
      There is NO CHARGE for Military personnel pictures or 

      If you wish, pictures of your departed loved ones may also be submitted for the directory. There will be a $10. charge for these. There is also the possibility that these photos will not be returned.  If possible, please provide on a CD. Make sure the name of the person being remembered accompanies the photo.  Drop off the photos to Sandy at the parish office.

      *** You may also submit a photo of you/your family if you do not want your pictures taken but would like to have them in the directory. However, this too, carries a $10. fee. 

    • Liturgical Ministers Schedule
      Please click on this link for the Liturgical Ministers Schedule for June - August 2014
      The office is encountering a great deal of disconnected land lines (phones). If you have changed your phone number or gone to a cell number as your primary phone, please let the office know so we may have correct 
      parishioner records. You never know when or why we may need to contact you. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter. 

      The “official” beginning of summer, even though the children still have two weeks of school left, is Memorial Day weekend. While summer dress is more relaxed and casual; too much relaxed casualness should not be brought into the church for the sacred liturgy. Obviously beach attire, short shorts, and low cut dresses are inappropriate. We especially want to ask our liturgical ministers to dress in a dignified 
      manner. Your appearance honors the Lord and helps to maintain the integrity of the Mass. Thanks to everyone for your cooperation.

      Let us Rejoice. In Latin, the word is Gaudete. We have completed the first phase of the Gaudete Capital Campaign. 
      Let us review the success of the quiet First Phase. The sisters’ convent which served this parish so well for many years came down December 1st. This was costing the parish $6,000 to $7,000 dollars a year for insurance, utilities, and some upkeep. The educational trailer beside the convent was also removed. This new area has become a playfield for the students and has been sectioned off from the road this week by a split rail fence. Soccer nets and high nets to catch stray balls are already in place. This is the poor man’s student center and it will grow. The priceless stained glass windows in the church are now completely covered and protected. The wooden outside frames are all painted. In addition, the Building and Grounds Committee had done yeoman work in upgrading water drain off systems from the roof and new piping underground to take the water away. Some interior damage in the church is also repaired. Two hazardous walkways are restored with high quality concrete and workmanship. Completed are the walkway between the school and the front part of the church, and the side entrance that connects the rectory, the church, and the Grotto. Larry Mudd and his crew performed the work. These improvements were done with Gaudete funds. In addition, significant improvements have been made in the Grotto and the block work that supports the Tabernacle is ready for marbling by Henningers. Richard Schuck did the block work. The marble for repairing the altar is also at Henningers and this work will be done shortly. Let us rejoice! Gaudete

      The Second Phase of the Gaudete Campaign is under way.The goal is $360,000, but I am most pleased to tell you that two anonymous donors have kicked off this part of the Campaign with gifts. We have in hand a $50,000 anonymous gift and a $10,000 anonymous gift. Thus, the goal needed is $300,000 for the restoration for the outside of the church. This will keep the moisture from 
       deteriorating the inside.

      The story is clear. This proud church of St. Joseph which is almost 110 years old, needs some face uplift. If everyone will do a little, we will accomplish much. Within the mailing you received, you will find a pledge sheet and a self addressed stamped envelope that I hope you will use. If you did not receive the mailing and would like to contribute to this very worthwhile project, please send your donation to the parish office or call the office at 330-628-9941 for more information. If all parishioners lend a hand according to their own particular means, we will begin the restoration to the outside of the church by late spring. You will be proud and the Lord will be pleased.

      Thank you for allowing me to work with you during these fifteen months of my stay at St. Joseph Parish. We have accomplished much.